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patpat's Journal

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19 September
08th ms team, 12 rounds, 8-bit theater, angry beavers, animation, anime, aqua teen hunger force, arson, assemblage 23, bad art collection, batman, bella morte, birmingham 6, blood omen, bob and george, bothering dee, buddhism, cacti, calvin and hobbes, candy, cartoons, castlevania, clefairy, coma white, comics, converge, cow and chicken, cthulhu, darkstalkers, david bowie, defiance, dexter's laboratory, disgaea, dolls, dracula x, drawing, dreamcast, earthbound, final fantasy, flcl, food, freezing rain, fuzzy things, galerians, ginger fish, guilty gear, gundam wing, halloween, hamtaro, haujobb, henry rollins, hocico, home movies, hp lovecraft, i feel sick, industrial, invader zim, jack off jill, jigglypuff, johnny the homicidal maniac, kefka, kid radd, kurt vonnegut, lazy raver, legacy of kain, lenore, leæther strip, loafing, marilyn manson, meat, misfits, misty, neil gaiman, nine inch nails, nintendo, nivek ogre, nosferatu, ohgr, outlaw star, pocket fighter, powerpuff girls, procrastinating, prozac, pumpkins, razed in black, reading, rm2k, rosetta stone, sailor moon, samurai jack, sandman, sealab 2021, secret of mana, shakespeare, sifl and olly, skinny puppy, snowboarding, sock puppets, soul reaver, spinster cycle, splatterhouse, spongebob squarepants, squee!, stealing souls, steel angel kurumi, street fighter, street fighter 3, sylvia plath, taoism, the electric hellfire club, the mission uk, the nightmare before christmas, the sisters of mercy, they might be giants, time killers, toast, toys, vampire savior, video games, vnv nation, writing

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